Man Sentenced to 35 Years for Kidnapping

Alan Paul Strieper has been arrested after police found child kidnapping supplies in his car that included rope, tape, rubber gloves, bleach, sponges and a stuffed Elmo doll.

He is reportedly also an online menace as he had hatched a plot with an undercover agent tokidnap, rape and possibly murder a young boy.

The judge on the case sentenced Strieper to 35 years in jail after he also confessed to once enticing two teenage boys to have sex with him although he never followed through with it.

Kidnapping and rape charges can have consequences that affect your personal and professional life in more ways than you make think. When you deal with these charges then you need to know that you can move forward in the best way with the help of a criminal defense lawyer. By working with a defense attorney, you will be able resolve this matter without having your personal and professional life affected. You should not have to suffer jail time and heavy fines when your case is defended in the best way possible. Please take some time today to contact a criminal defense attorney and begin discussing the details of your case so that you can move forward as soon as possible.



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